Rooster reality


    As I sit here listening to lovely cry of the Calpine/Busch rooster for

    the 450th time today, I want to pass along the advice I sought from a rooster expert in Ojai. Let’s hope that the rooster’s owner will read this before someone in our neighborhood goes crazy (not me — I am a well-known animal lover).

    Roosters are jungle animals. They make their calls when they are trying to get the attention of other roosters so that another one will tell him how nice he is. Since there are none in the area that we know of, this poor bird calls all day and half the night.

    The rooster expert says that the owner is not providing shelter for the animal. It needs a sleeping house with sleeping bags or couch cushions lining the wall. It does not like to sleep outside and is very uncomfortable, not to mention cold. She suggests that the owner provide such a structure and the crowing should stop or at least abate quite a bit. Furthermore, the owner must tell the bird regularly that it is “good rooster” and mean it. It is emotionally disturbed when it crows so much and needs reassurance. In fact, the expert suggested that we all beam our thoughts of a good rooster to it and maybe that will help. While this may sound silly, the fact is that this bird annoys a lot of people and so it is incumbent on the owner to try a few remedies. Please, make this poor bird a warm winter house with sound proofing. And buy an alarm clock for yourself.

    Susan Tellem