Letter: The Real Threat

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “A dog’s vote,” published Sept. 10

If you thought Trump would have an advantage with mail-in voting, it is 99 percent certain that you would advocate for this method. Given that this is more than likely the case, your concerns are not based on fairness; rather, it is to get your candidate elected no matter how it happens.. 

There is almost no evidence of voter fraud with mail-in voting or absentee ballots so you are taking this position simply because more Democrats usually vote through the mail. Therefore, in effect, you are for voter suppression, hence, the suppression of democracy and freedom of choice.

It is also appalling that the postmaster general tried to disable the postal service on purpose to suppress votes on behalf of Trump. Luckily, he was caught, but the damage may have already been done. We shall see. 

Mail-in voting is in consideration because we are in the midst of a pandemic and people are reluctant to vote live, so we must provide everyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent, with a vehicle to exercise their right to vote, which is the basis of our beautiful democratic society that many people have died to preserve. Or maybe you also think that soldiers who died in wars to preserve democracy and the right to vote are suckers, like your man Mr. Trump has allegedly, and likely, said? I hope not, and knowing you I doubt that this is the case. 

Your letters denigrating mail-in voting; claiming Trump has managed the coronavirus pandemic effectively after 6,000,000 cases, almost 200,000 deaths and counting; your deflection of blame for Trump’s deadly epidemic mismanagement to Joe Biden as if he were president; and the notion that, if re-elected, the economy will spring back miraculously are all examples of distortions meant to support the re-election of one of the most dishonest, vile and manipulative human beings ever elected to high office in this country. He is a threat to democracy itself. Caveat emptor. 

Matt Borenzweig