Malibu Hits 112 Coronavirus Cases

Novel coronavirus testing at Malibu City Hall on Saturday, April 11

A total of 112 Malibu residents have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since testing began in April of this year, according to the most recent information shared by the LA Public Health Department on Tuesday, Oct. 27. Malibu’s case rate remains among the lowest across LA County, at an adjusted rate of 864 cases per 100,000 residents. Adjusted case rates in nearby communities trend higher: Agoura Hills has 1,034, Calabasas has 1,283 and Santa Monica has 1,095. 

While numbers of new infections in LA County have fluctuated day by day due to testing and reporting irregularities, the county points to a stable, low hospitalization rate as a sign that the virus is not spreading out of control, even as rates of spread have begun to skyrocket in other areas of the country such as Texas and the Midwest. On Tuesday, 747 Angelenos were in the hospital battling COVID-19. On Monday, that number was 785. Last Tuesday, there were 730 people in LA County hospitals sick with the virus.

The health department stressed that gatherings could easily turn into super-spreader events and asked Dodger fans to refrain from gathering in large groups following the end of the World Series. On Tuesday, the Dodgers faced the Tampa Bay Rays in game six of the series which resulted in LA’s first World Series title since 1988; health officials feared a mass gathering similar to the one following the Lakers championship title could spell bad news for viral infections.

“Please support the [Dodgers] safely without putting yourself and others at risk for serious illness,” the department posted on social media. “Public celebrations where people are close to each other, unable to stand six feet apart, cheering and shouting, especially without face coverings, [are] high risk.”