Van Smashes Thru Malibu at 85 MPH – Rolls Onto Beach Near County Line, Driver Arrested – SaMo Cuts Parking Just As Metro Cuts Bus Service


A van smashes through Malibu at 85 miles an hour … before plunging into the sea near Neptunes Net.

Metro cuts bus service to Malibu … at the same time that Santa Monica cuts parking and tells us to take the bus. 

And L A county’s sheriff asks the White House not to cut funding over sanctuary issues.  

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A white van speeding up  P C H at 85 miles an hour clipped several parked cars in Malibu … before hurtling over the edge of the road and tumbling into the ocean west of the county line. 

This was at around 11 o’clock last night.

Sheriff’s deputies started getting calls about a hit and run driver … in a van with a flat tire … speeding west through Malibu. 

Several vehicles were hit … both moving vehicles and parked. 

The van outran deputies … and was not seen emerging west out of Malibu by law enforcement in Ventura County.

C H P  … Ventura county and L A County law officers searched the coast … and found the van in the surfline …. near Deer Creek Road. 

The driver was missing …. but a search of the area found him hiding in rocks. 

He was injured …. described as internal injuries …. and taken to a hospital. 

One other motorist was also hurt .. and hospitalized. 


In a little noticed move this summer …. Metro has drastically cut bus service to Malibu. 

Buses now serve the western part of the city just once every two hours during weekday afternoons.

Many Malibu buses now only go as far west as the Civic Center. 

What used to be bus service every half hour through Malibu has been cut to buses once an hour … and no bus at all between 1 and 3 in the afternoon.

Several buses now apparently turn around at the Malibu Civic Center … instead of all day bus service to Paradise Cove … Point Dume … Zuma Beach and Trancas.

The new bus schedule means that Malibu High school students will have to wait more than an hour to catch the city bus … on days when school dismisses early … like Fridays.

Metro says decreased ridership warrants the cuts to bus service. 

Bus ridership countywide is decreasing on Metro … and the Malibu decreases reflect that. 

Transit advocates call this a death spiral … unless bus service is frequent all day … overall bus ridership will decrease … which will trigger further cuts.

The Metro bus service cuts to Malibu  come just after Metro went to taxpayers to ask for the half cent transit sales tax to be extended. 

In 20 years … Metro has never marketed its Route 534 bus service in Malibu.

And the transit cuts have not been discussed at Malibu’s city council … as near as we can tell. 


In news from down the coast … Santa Monica is embarking on a public relations campaign to explain its new downtown community plan.

The new blueprint for the largest commercial area near Malibu includes a drastic cutback on required parking spaces for new construction. 

In a video distributed by the city of Santa Monica …. mayor pro tem Gleam Davis says the old way was to new construction to have new parking … 

GLEAM AAA  :16  Q: b

“Because of this there is actually a good amount of unused parking lot throuojut downtown, eliminating parking requirements with the market decide what to build and where, and encourages more people to take available public transit as the region becomes more connected than every before.” 

Davis urges people to … even just once a week … take the bus instead of driving.

Apparently this “more connected than ever before” policy does not factor in the Malibu bus service cuts to Malibu.


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … 97.5 K B U.  ((( time  ))))


Los Angeles County is considering requiring cool roofs on construction in unincorporated areas … including Malibu.

A similar ban has been considered at Malibu City Hall … but not implemented over concerns for views. 

Supervisor Shiela Kuehl says coating roofs with white material means a building absorbs up to 

65% less heat than conventional materials such as asphalt and can be 50 degrees cooler on a hot day. 

They also lower utility bills for cooling costs. 

The proposed county ordinance would require the use of cool roofing materials for new building construction, building additions, and major roof replacements.

The malibu-area county supervisor is requesting public comment on the proposed cool roof ordinance. 


How much will sanctuary status in Los Angeles County cost??

Right now … just over a million dollars is being threatened by the White House … in a tussle over whether the sheriff’s office will hand over people to ICE.

For now, only a small fraction of the $132 million in federal grants that the Sheriff’s Department would expect to benefit from in the next three years appears to be in jeopardy. 

The L A Daily News reports that sheriff Jim McDonnell has been in Washington … lobbying President Donald Trump’s administration to avoid potentially losing out on as much as $132 million in federal law enforcement grants over the next three years due.

McDonnell tells the Daily News that he has met with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and former Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly … Kelly of course is now Trump’s chief of staff .

Los Angeles County received over a million in special federal grants for drug enforcement, education and prevention for 2017,.

The sheriff is worried about that … but also about funding for a new radio system for L-A sheriffs deputies and firefighters …. which might get hung up in the Sanctuary City squabble.


Guernsey Avenue in western Malibu might be a good place to avoid.

Latest word from the city is today’s the day … rubberized asphalt will be laid on the street … which links Morning View to P C H.

Flaggers will be there … directing traffic.

We drive a white car … and we prefer not to drive through construction zones like this. 


Traffic … in 90 seconds.


Record heat was reported yesterday near us.

The heat record for the date in Camarillo was broken … when the temperature reached 88 degrees. 

Oxnard tied its heat record of 87 degrees.

Humid, monsoon weather has been the trend this week, but today will start the shift back to drier seasonal weather inland.——


Weather for the Malibu ….

Less humid but hot.

It will be ((((   mostly sunny … 76  )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((   95   )))) inland. 

Winds will be strong. 

Downcoast winds will be   (((  up to 20 )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7:50  )))).

After that … expect ((( late night and early morning mountain fog and clouds )))) tonight … a low of  ((((   63  )))) on the beach … down to  ((((   65   )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((   much the same   )))).

At 8 am … at Trancas it’s ((((    72   )))) degrees.

In upper Malibu Canyon … ((((    74    )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   77    )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((   67    )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  1-2   )))) feet high …. 

((((   Surf is 1 to 2 feet out of the south southwest. )))) 

Those are ((((  poor to fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   High tide is at 9:21 this morning.

Low tide is at 2:02.

The major high tide … 5 and a half feet … is at 8:16 tonight.    ))))


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