State Parks Officials Announce Closure of ‘Jim Morrison Cave’

The Corral Canyon Cave, lately a very popular hiking spot, is closed to the public as of Monday, with State Parks officials citing “large crowds” that threaten the natural area around the cave.

“This action was necessary to protect the natural resources,” State Parks Angeles District Superintendent Craig Sap said in an email to The Malibu Times.

The cave, nicknamed Jim Morrison Cave, is said to have been frequented by Jim Morrison and The Doors — a rumor which led to its overwhelming popularity among visitors to Malibu and increasing graffiti in the area.

“State Park rangers have been successful in catching and arresting several individuals for felony vandalism; however, the graffiti of the cave and surrounding area has increased,” Sap wrote.

The closure includes the installation of signs indicating the cave is now off-limits and warning violators that citations may be issued. Sap also said State Park rangers will be present in the hopes of deterring trespassing.

In this issue, as in the 2014 closure of the Rindge Dam, State Parks is following a “speak softly and carry a big stick” approach to enforcement.

“For the first week or two, our hope is that the signs, a ranger presence, and an interpretive and educational approach will quickly lead to a drastic reduction in the number and frequency of people coming to this location,” Sap wrote. “In cases where individuals violate the closure they will be subject to citation, ejection and/or arrest.”

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