The 2016 Malibu Times Dolphin Award Winners

Dolphin Awards line the table waiting to be handed out.

Patt Healy

Longtime community activist Patt Healy has been a dedicated preservationist and slow growth advocate in Malibu throughout the city’s 26 years and beyond. Healy has dedicated countless hours toward her work as a watchdog, ensuring the will of the citizens of Malibu is foremost in decisions made regarding parks, development and other issues impacting the city. 

Malibu Task Force on Homelessness (MTFH)

Founded by a team of eight concerned citizens, the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness has raised more than $300,000 toward supporting professionals to serve Malibu’s homeless. The group, sponsored by donations from nearly 70 individuals and businesses in Malibu, together with the City of Malibu and the Conrad Hilton Foundation, connects the homeless to mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence counselors through The People Concern, which is also working to connect them to permanent housing. 

Ryan Sawtelle

One of the most iconic annual traditions in Malibu is the famous “Waves of Flags” 9/11 memorial that flies across Pepperdine University’s Alumni Park every year on the week of Sept. 11. The idea and execution of the memorial came from then-Pepperdine student Ryan Sawtelle. Since graduating from Pepperdine, Sawtelle founded the White Heart Foundation, a nonprofit that raises money to support severely wounded American veterans.  

Lily Castro / Lily’s Café

The recipient of the Harvey Baskin Dolphin Award for Malibu business leaders this year goes to Lily Castro, owner of Lily’s Café in the Point Dume Center. Lily’s is a favorite meeting place for residents and visitors alike and owns a special place in the hearts of Malibu’s residents — and Castro herself has supported the community during events such as the annual neighborhood event for firefighters at Station 71.   

Dillon Eisman

A Malibu Youth Dolphin Award goes out to Malibu High School student Dillon Eisman, a leader at MHS. Eisman, a junior, has served as his class president for three consecutive years. He was the founding president of the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance (now one of the largest clubs at MHS) and created a nonprofit called “Sew Swag,” where he redesigns used clothes into fashionable outfits for disadvantaged and homeless kids in Los Angeles. 

Ife Houzell

Ife Houzell is the recipient of a Malibu Youth Dolphin Award for 2016 in recognition of her over 300 hours of community service through the Malibu Boys and Girls Club. A member of the Leaders in Training program, Houzell works as a high school intern at the Boys and Girls Club at Juan Cabrillo Elementary, leading the school’s Glee Club.

John Sibert

Former Malibu Mayor John Sibert has been a guiding force in Malibu for decades, helping shepherd the community into cityhood through decades of work on the Malibu Township Council, City Council and Planning Commission. Termed-out of council in December 2016, Sibert’s influence shaping Malibu into the city it is today cannot be overstated.  

Fran Pavley

State Senator Fran Pavley represented the Malibu community in Sacramento for years before leaving office in December 2016. Pavley, a former Assemblymember for the 41st District, is best known for her strong environmental stance and groundbreaking legislation that has helped reduce emissions in California and ease the state’s contributions to global warming.  

Mike Mulligan

A familiar face around Malibu High School, Mike Mulligan is a beloved teacher and coach who, previous to receiving a Malibu Dolphin Award, was honored with California Coach of the Year. Mulligan is a swim coach and has also been the water polo coach at MHS for more than 20 years. He brought the team to immense success in that time, while mentoring his students and athletes to success outside the pool.

Joan House (certificate)

Joan House, 2004 Dolphin Award honoree, steps down from public office after decades of service to Malibu. House will be honored with a certificate at the 2016 Dolphin Awards Ceremony.