Mother’s Day


    Mother’s Day is Special

    And it should be every day,

    Because there’s so much Mothers do,

    That brightens up our day.

    Their life is one of giving,

    Throughout the many years.

    They patch up bumps and bruises

    And wipe away our tears.

    Their love will show, wherever they go,

    No matter what they do.

    For Mother Love gives a lot,

    To more than just a few.

    They are always there to tend our cares

    And show us how to live.

    Mothers carry lots of burdens,

    Yet they give, and give, and give.

    They help us on life’s pathways,

    In many ways unseen

    They nudge and gently push us,

    When we rest too long to dream.

    And oh, so many other things,

    Throughout life that we can see

    All come back to Mother Love,

    How it molded you and me.

    And when the challenges in life,

    Face us each and one

    Mother’s help and guide us,

    How to live and not to run.

    Yes, more awareness needs be given,

    To the things that Mothers do

    That’s why it should be every day,

    And not just one or two.

    Emmett Finch