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I recently moved to the area after spending most of the last decade in Amherst, Mass., studying or in Boulder, Colo. Boulder, after growth, has pretty much become a strip mall next to a mountain. Amherst is expanding as well.

A friend of mine would tell me he wished there were more options for purchases and things to do in Amherst. He was used to spending time in Boston and he wanted more choices available to him. But, it occurred to me then as it does now regarding growth issues in Malibu, why should a town have to change because of consumer demand? If people want the options available somewhere else, let them move there. People seem to live in Malibu for its small town feel and naturalistic values. Keep it this way; you do have a choice about changes that occur in your town. If small towns such as Malibu and Amherst give in to developers, there will be no small and beautiful towns left in this country.

Not one extra skin care product or commission on an estate is worth the negative consequences, such as loss of beauty, open spaces, peace and quiet, that expansion brings to a town. This is just selfishness and greed. People knew what the town was like when they moved into it. I understand small changes do take place, but some of the most drastic changes occur little by little over time (i.e. New York City). Become informed and involved regarding decisions made about your special place by the sea before it becomes a haven for chain stores and Realtors.

John Cormier

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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