Letter: Unacceptable Behavior

Letter to the Editor

Donald Trump would not make it through any of Malibu’s elementary schools. His behavior would be deemed unacceptable. Why, then, is his conduct tolerated and supported by millions of Americans when it would not pass muster for a kindergarten teacher?

Our kids know what the Republican nominee does not — that bullying is a sign of fear. Name-calling is for sissies. Offending females shows no class. Banning another based on their religion demonstrates hate.

Lastly, walls do not work. Erecting big gates and gigantic hedges puts the builders and owners themselves in a self-created prison. The protagonist in the novel “A Separate Peace,” put it best: “All of them created, at infinite costs to themselves, these Maginot lines … Built to keep out the enemy they thought they saw across the wall. The enemy who never attacked that way. If they ever attacked at all. If they were indeed the enemy.”

Daniel Bercovici