Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Feb. 10–Mar. 5:

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between Feb. 10–Mar. 5:


Towed and exposed

Items were stolen from a vehicle parked on Corral Canyon Road near a local seafood restaurant. The victim was in the hospital while his vehicle was parked overnight and was notified that it had been towed via Sierra Tow in Newbury Park. While retrieving his vehicle, he noticed multiple items were stolen including an Apple MacBook, boogie board, sunglasses and the owner’s manual. The victim also noticed the wires from the steering wheel were damaged and found scratches on the hood of the vehicle. The stolen items were estimated to be worth $1,948. The damage was estimated to cost $797 to repair.



Bag grab

An estimated $600 worth of medicine and cosmetics were stolen from Ralphs on Malibu Road. A store employee said two females wearing black leggings, one wearing a blue jacket and one wearing a blue Jordan sweatshirt, were carrying large oversized handbags and began grabbing items from the shelves and placed them into their bags. The suspects walked out the store without attempting to pay for the merchandise.



Mail theft

Multiple mailboxes were vandalized on Big Rock Drive. A victim noticed pry marks on her mailbox and the lock was broken. The victim was unsure if her mail was stolen. There were no surveillance cameras available for evidence. 



Purse pinch

A vehicle was ransacked while the victim was putting groceries in her home on Topanga Beach Drive. The victim said she left the vehicle doors open and when she walked back outside to get the rest of her groceries, she saw a male wearing a black hat and black sweatshirt looking through her purse. When she yelled at the suspect, he took the victim’s purse and drove westbound on Topanga Beach Drive. The purse contained $300 in cash and multiple credit cards. The victim was later notified that two charges were denied at the Ralphs on Malibu Road. The deputy contacted the store employee who said the suspect tried to purchase two gift cards worth $500. The purchases were denied and the suspect proceeded to self checkout.



Home invasion

A half-million dollars worth of designer jewelry including a Rolex watch and Chanel handbags were stolen from a home on La Brisa Drive. The victim arrived home late and realized the master bedroom had been ransacked and one window was shattered. 


Hike swipe 

An iPhone and designer wallet were stolen from a vehicle on Solstice Canyon Road. The victim was hiking and found the center console open and her wallet and iPhone missing. She was later notified that a purchase was made at a Ralphs grocery store in Pacific Palisades for a total of $505. There was no damage made to the vehicle. The victim said she did not remember if she locked her vehicle before hiking.



Beach theft

An estimated $5,100 worth of camera equipment was stolen from a vehicle at Puerco Beach. The victim was conducting a photo shoot at a public beach and left his equipment unattended and, upon return, multiple items were taken from his camera bag. There were no witnesses or security cameras available for evidence.