A Meal to Remember

Cornucopia Foundation President Debra Bianco and Project Manager Bella Antinoro at the Long Table Harvest Dinner.

Nestled in oak trees off of Kanan Road, the first-ever Malibu Farmers Market Long Table Harvest Dinner, hosted by Malibu-based Cornucopia and Malibu Dolphin Foundations, took place at Triunfo Creek Vineyards.

On Sunday afternoon, guests arrived as the sun began to set and Triunfo Creek Vineyards illuminated with lights strung from trees. Appetizers and wine were served before attendees were seated for the six-course dinner, all of which was prepared from ingredients that came from the Malibu Farmers Market and paired with wine from award-winning Hoyt Family Vineyards.

Dinner included white bean soup with salsa verde, avocado and beet tartar, imported Italian pasta with truffle rapini, and fresh black cod and roasted root vegetables — a small example of the array of food presented by Monrose Catering and featured chef Rafael Dumas.

“The house was full of compassionate people and the sound of live dulcimer music hammering in the background was great,” Malibu resident Kian Schulman shared. “Organic food, a blazing fire set at an idyllic hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains … ”

This was the first of a series of seasional dinners to be hosted by the Cornucopia and Malibu Dolphin Foundations.

“A long table dinner pairs so well with a farmers market,” Cornucopia Foundation President Debra Bianco shared. “I hope for this to be the first in a series of long table dinners celebrating the farmers market, local vineyards, amazing chefs and divine venues.”