Community viewpoint


The “advisory vote” in favor of a view ordinance, by a two-to- one margin during this last election, should come as no surprise to the City Council. Many of Malibu’s citizens have urged the council to take a leadership role in this urgent matter for several years now.

In enacting an ordinance for all of Malibu, I trust the council will not repeat the tiresome exercise followed by the previous council in enacting the view ordinance for Malibu Country Estates. For more than two years, the council, the Planning Commission and Malibu Country Estates volleyed back and forth before finally enacting an ordinance with serious flaws, including invitations for litigation.

The way to do it this time, as I’ve suggested before, is to have one or more “community workshops” moderated by a facilitator hired by the city. The facilitator should use the view ordinance of an “ocean view city,” as a guide in preparing the ordinance for final consideration by the Planning Commission and the council. The League of California Cities should be asked for its advice.

Following the procedure I recommend, I see no reason why a good view ordinance couldn’t be enacted in a matter of months, this time with maximum opportunity for community input and transparency.

Leon Cooper