Letter: Lost Dreams

Letter to the Editor

The Whole Foods Corporation is an international corporation based in Austin, Texas. It sells both prepared foods and groceries and has an extensive interest in agri-business. It has acquired at least 20 independent, organic grocers and small grocery chains in the U.S. alone. In an Oct. 11 article on the “politics of eating” by the New York Times, of all sources, the Whole Foods Corporation is described as the “ultimate emblem” of urbanism.  

The Whole Foods Corporation is not a park. It is the anchor tenant in the Civic Center’s fourth suburban shopping center. Its centerpiece will be a parking lot. There are better planning choices for the Civic Center that can serve our entire community.

Vote “no” on Measure W and support the nearly lost dream of a respite from urbanization that inspired the creation of this city.

Jo Anne Van Tilburg