Marketing Malibu


    On a regular basis I drive all over Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Occasionally I take the time to stop in various grocery markets for food items, while I am on the road. Recently, I stopped in the new Ralphs market at Olympic and Cloverfield in Santa Monica. I was totally blown away by the size of the market, by the huge selection of deli products, bakery products and food throughout the store. That night I returned to my neighborhood Ralphs in Malibu for food items and was brought back to reality by the size of our cubbyhole market in Malibu. I took the time to speak to the manager of the market in Santa Monica, and I remarked how beautiful his market was, and I asked him why his market was so large and well-stocked compared to our market in Malibu. His response was simple: Your City Council refuses to allow us to expand to match this market. I asked the same question of a market clerk at the Malibu market, and I was told the same thing.

    Why is there so much opposition to expanding our Ralphs market in Malibu. Is the hillside west of the market going to be destroyed? Is the auto tow yard going to become polluted by the fresh food in the market?

    I sometimes wonder why the petty agenda of some of the city councilmen overrides the good of our community. Don’t we deserve a well-stocked and upscale market? Sometimes I feel that an inertia of insanity has overtaken the brain cells of some of our elected representatives. Didn’t our local manager, Lee, receive a Dolphin Award? He must be a legend in the community to receive such a reward. I recently saw Councilman Hasse bragging on cable television that more building permits have been issued in 1998 than in 1997. So what? Can’t we let our little market in Malibu expand to become a really sensational market to compare with the Ralphs market in an industrial area of Santa Monica?

    Malibu is no longer an island cut off on all sides from the real world. People are actually moving to Malibu from Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades and other areas. Wake up and smell the roses, City Council.

    J. Patrick Maginnis