Malibu Seen: Locals Spielberg, Hanks and Romano in the Running

Malibu’s Ray Romano joins other locals in the awards race.

This year’s awards race is well underway.

Several films are generating a big buzz. “The Post” is a riveting look back in time when newsrooms were newsrooms and The Washington Post was making the headlines.

Malibu’s Steven Spielberg is up for Golden Globe glory with Picture of the Year. Local Tom Hanks, who plays Ben Bradlee, is up for best actor while Meryl Streep gives it her all as the gutsy Katharine Graham.

For all you young’uns out there, this is not a remake of “All the President’s Men.” That excellent film featured a young Dustin Hoffman as Carl Bernstein. Robert Redford played investigative reporter Bob Woodward.

While “The Post” centers on the Pentagon Papers, “All the President’s Men” was about the Watergate break-in and the downfall of President Richard Nixon.




There was no shortage of fare for history buffs, beginning with “Dunkirk.” The battle scenes in this WWII extravaganza are breathtaking and gritty. The epic war flick is directed by Christopher Nolan.

Another favorite is “Mudbound.” It’s being called an American classic. It has been selected for four Critics’ Choice Awards and two Golden Globe nods.

Across the pond, you’ll find “Darkest Hour,” led by Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. “It was amazing,” says local film buff Barry Glaser. “[Oldman] even looked like Churchill.”



“The Shape of Water” may be one of the more unusual and acclaimed films of the year. It’s received multiple awards nods.

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” shows Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson can go toe-to-toe. Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern called it “ … darkly comic, blazingly profane and flat out hilarious … ”

Malibu’s Ray Romano makes a nice addition to “The Big Sick.” It’s in the running for best ensemble.

From the director of “Sideways” comes “Downsizing.” It has been named one of the National Board of Review’s top films of the year. There’s something just plain funny about watching a small four-inch Matt Damon scampering across the screen with a giant Ritz cracker.

Whether wacky, romantic or dramatic, 2017 is a film year that won’t soon be forgotten—especially after the wild ride we endured in real life.