Bless the walkers


    Thank you so much for the wonderful stories on the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. The articles by Karen York and Pam Linn were terrific as were the photos.

    Almost all of us have lost someone we loved or knew to cancer.

    These very courageous women who gave so much to make this grueling 55-mile walk from Santa Barbara to Zuma deserve the grateful thanks from all of us. The time, training, pain, blisters, and guts it took is awe inspiring. The money they raised for research will help save lives of current and future cancer patients.

    I have lived in Malibu 40 years and would love to know the names of these fantastic walkers from our home town. They make us proud and happy to be their neighbors. And, everyone involved — all 2,900 walkers and the support teams — should be blessed for the courage they give to so many.

    Alanna Niles