Grow or bust


    Something dear and precious is being trod upon here in Malibu and it violates the very core of what this country is founded on. Freedom of choice, freedom to apply our tastes and ambitions and freedom from oppression. Change occurs constantly through growth and to attempt to stop it, only in the areas that we disapprove of, is to violate the rights of others. If we do not like growth, and the trend in this country has always been to grow, then move on. I would imagine some of the first residents in Malibu have moved on because of growth rather than deny others their rights. Who are we to tell someone we don’t like his or her house and then proceed to block the right to build that house on their very own property. Wasn’t the reason for this country based on the freedoms, that a small loud group of people here in Malibu oppose and attempt to categorize. What right does any person have to dictate what someone else does on their own property as long as health and safety are not impaired by their acts and the original ownership or tract map did not prohibit it. We enjoy the changes that benefit us individually, how is it that we do not allow others the same enjoyment? Who is to say that the Constitution takes a holiday in Malibu? There is absolutely no basis for the direction that Malibu’s leadership muddles along in, other than a staggering need to pursue a personal agenda at the cost to anyone who disagrees. Wake up, Malibu, look around and see how many of the people opposing your new neighbors would, if required, abide by the rules they propose. How many of our rule makers live in rented property and fail to assume the heavy responsibilities of ownership and stewardship? How much farther are some people going to go, in oppressing the rights of others, than throwing muddy water on an example of someone’s dream?

    M.H. Mu