Please drive carefully


My son, Theo Beason, was struck and killed on Corral Canyon Road in the early evening of Dec. 8 last year just a few steps from his driveway as he walked to his neighbors’ home to feed their pets.

I am hopeful that his tragic death will motivate everyone driving narrow canyon roads through little neighborhoods like his to be conscious that, as in every other neighborhood, there are often pedestrians, dogs, bicycles and even children out and about. In the absence of traffic calming bumps or roadway signs, we might take it upon ourselves to exercise caution because these tragic events bring unimaginable anguish and enduring grief not only to the families and friends of victims, but to the families of the drivers and to the surrounding community.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who braved that cold winter evening to come to the service at Malibu Presbyterian. Your presence there to remember and honor him was a great comfort to me.

And to the neighbors who stood vigil for hours that night as he lay in the road and those who in the following days and weeks cared for me and my shattered family, you will always be in my grateful heart.

Camille Mottet