Parents share skills


Last Wednesday, Juan Cabrillo Elementary hosted the most amazing event and Art/Science experience for our kids and it got me thinking about many things. First, I wanted to thank our wonderful art teacher Suzanne DeMarco for always planning and thinking of creative ideas to teach our children, our amazing science teacher Kathy Hutchinson for really helping our kids to look at their environment around them and ask questions, and finally, for the time, dedication, art creation, and fabulous Art Assembly that Brad Howe (a volunteer parent, and renowned artist) put on. I was so impressed and happy that my children are able to have this type of learning experience, and proud to be a parent at such a great school.

However, what I have been thinking a lot about, and have talked to my kids about recently, is how lucky every single one of our local children is to be in our local Malibu schools, no matter which one it is! Our community, Malibu, is made up of many interesting, talented, and diverse adults. These adults have become local school parents and have so willingly volunteered their time and money to enhance our local schools. I can’t believe that my kids had the opportunity to experience creating a part of an Art Sculpture, by working with a local parent artist. We have also had the wonderful experiences of having music assemblies with professional parent musicians, cooking classes with professional chefs, and the list goes on. I know that each and every one of our schools has benefited immensely from the tireless dedication of our local parents. Thank you, Malibu parents, for bringing your special talents to all of the children in Malibu. What an amazing educational experience our kids are having.

To all the amazing Malibu residents that might not have children in our schools right now, I know the schools would welcome any talents that you would be interested in donating.

Janet Siderman