Money down the drain


It now seems inevitable that Malibu will be required to join the 21st century and implement a modern sewage system. Something the city government should have known was coming for years, but in their arrogance and lack of foresight has managed to be caught by surprise with no plan in place. The best they can come up with is to threaten to charge residents in the affected areas $500 a month to build a new sewage system. It’s irresponsible and alarmist to float such a proposal before all other options are explored.

Isn’t this just the thing city governments are created for? To provide the common infrastructure necessary for a modern community. This is the very reason we pay taxes. If Los Angeles County was once interested in bringing a centralized sewage system to Malibu, wouldn’t it now make sense for our city to investigate if that interest still exists. Or how about looking to the federal government for help. This seems like just the kind of project “stimulus” funds were intended to be spent on.

Or maybe the geniuses in our city council could take some of those funds that go to PR firms and subsidizing millionaire shopping mall owners and redirect them to pay for a sewage treatment plant. Or maybe we don’t need two new parks in Malibu.

Most other cities seem to be able to deal with their sewage without charging residents $500 a month. I would hope our city could figure it out too.

James Ledner