Letter: City Manager’s Majority

Letter to the Editor

The farce Malibu City Council has become in the majority’s defense of despotic and devious City Manager Reva Feldman raises serious questions concerning the motives of Mikke Pierson, Karen Farrer and Paul Grisanti.

What indeed prompts the willful three to continually thwart a clarion call, however shrill, by concerned residents for transparency and accountability, and doggedly defend Feldman?  

This disturbing question could be answered by a proper investigation pursued “without fear of favor,” which you think the majority would welcome, unless they perhaps fear some ethical issues may be revealed in their relationship with Feldman. 

From his past as a censured Realtor, Grisanti we can assume wants to curry Feldman’s favor to position himself on council for public prestige and personal profit. I expect so does the heretofore good neighbor Pierson, in pursuit of his prospects as a business consultant. 

But what of Farrer? More than her embarrassing displays of vanity could there be some real estate project the family is discreetly dabbling in that would benefit from a blessing or two from the city manager or her retinue?  

Whatever it may be, or not, an open investigation could put an end to the suspected insidious exchange of favors for friends and special interests that hovers over City Hall like a dark cloud.

Sam Hall Kaplan