Dr. Ava Cadell signs new book, ‘NeuroLoveology’

More than 150 people filled DIESEL, A Bookstore on Sunday in Malibu to meet Dr. Ava Cadell, whose new book, “NeuroLoveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex,” explores how the brain processes attraction, relationship conflicts and sexual intimacy. 

Dr. Cadell, who holds doctorates in both human behavior and human sexuality, spoke to the enthused crowd and signed copies of the book while guests enjoyed drinks and appetizers by Malibu’s Monrose Catering. 

“My two favorite things are the science of love and the brain,” Dr. Cadell said. “And I wanted to find a connection between the two. That’s how I came up with the term ‘NeuroLoveology.’”

Dr. Cadell, who has been married for more than 21 years, used insights from her own relationship in putting the book together. “NeuroLoveology” offers more than 100 “neuro-cises” (brain exercises) to create life-enriching and love-enhancing experiences that help brain cells and relationships grow, she said.

Her one piece of advice for a lasting relationship is to hug.

“Hug for at least six seconds a day,” Dr. Cadell said. “To release oxytocin, which establishes deep intimacy.”


“I’m the guinea pig,” said Peter Knecht, Dr. Cadell’s husband. “I love it. When I first met her, she was a movie star. She then went [on] to become the best real estate agent, then the best doctor. She has her own television show and radio show with clients in more than 78 countries.”

 “NeuroLoveology” is endorsed by “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” author and speaker Dr. John Gray, who said Dr. Cadell “gives us the tools we need to make love last with plenty of fun.” 

“NeuroLoveology” introduces new ways to make one’s personal environment love-friendly, so that the mind and body are ready, willing and able to give and receive love. 

Dr. Cadell is the president of the American College of Sexologists and also the founder of Loveology University, where she provides a variety of certified programs ranging from The Love Coach, Master Sexpert to Certified Romantic. She has also written seven other books, her latest being “The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games.” 

“We all have too many daily distractions that prevent us from being in that love-y feeling,” Dr. Cadell said. “Multitasking prevents us from maintaining that love-y feeling. In my book I talk about how to overcome internal and external distractions and be mindful of each other.” 

Dr. Cadell’s friends commended her for tackling the topic and keeping it interesting. 

“I’ve known her for a while,” author Ethlie Ann Vare said. “I’ve done a lot of research on the topic. Ava’s one of the leaders in the field. She’s the only one I know that makes brain science sexy.” 

Dr. Cadell believes finding passionate love is as easy as learning how a brain in love and lust operates, and putting that understanding into practice. 

“You continue to grow brain cells forever,” Dr. Cadell said. “A lot of people think you stop growing them. You can always grow your relationship to make it even better.” 

Dr. Cadell and her husband have been living in Malibu for more than 20 years and call their home their very own “Shangri- La.” She recently welcomed her first grandchild and proudly calls herself a “Glam-Ma.” 

“I absolutely love the people in Malibu,” Dr. Cadell said. “They are just so mellow compared to the city. Sophisticated, yet mellow. I call Malibu the California Riviera.” 

For more information on Dr. Ava Cadell, visit avacadell.com. 

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