Planetary Themes for the Month of December

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


The important date for you begins on the 7th when your planetary ruler, Mars, leaves Virgo and enters Libra until July 25th, 2014. Your focus begins to move away from daily tasks and work orientation.

Personal relationships, social involvements and artistic forms of expression can take on more meaning in your life. Seek more balance and compromise in your relationships after the 23rd.


The focus remains on material and career matters this month. After the 7th, make some changes in your health and exercise routine. This can help you become more balanced. On the 21st, your planetary ruler, Venus, turns retrograde in Capricorn until the end of January. It’s a time for more introspection and re-evaluating what’s most important in your life direction.


On the 4th, your planetary ruler, Mercury, leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This can finally lighten things up for you emotionally.

You are more motivated to let go of things from the past and move ahead in a new direction.

There are travel opportunities this month. Your fun, playful side comes out, and more activity is highlighted in areas of romance or personal relationships.


After the 7th, family and career matters take on more importance. Make an extra effort to keep these areas of your life in check this month. This can be a high-energy period for you when you can accomplish many goals. After the 21st, avoid getting into family drama. Unfinished business with significant others from your past is in the cards for you from the 21st through the month of January.


It will become easier for you to lighten up and stop being so hard on yourself after the 4th of this month. It’s time to let go of some emotional baggage in your life. You begin to shine and new opportunities can open up for fun or romance. Your mind becomes more active with new ideas after the 7th. Your independent streak and desire to travel come out. Places at a distance may be calling your name.


You remain in a strong cycle for accomplishing your goals and work-related tasks until the 7th. You may feel like moving on and cutting some strings of emotional attachments after the 4th. Allow yourself to be more optimistic and open to new possibilities for your life this month. Avoid becoming too judgmental or opinionated with issues related to family.


After the 7th, your timing improves and you may have some serendipitous moments. As Mars transits your sign from the 7th through July 25th, 2014, this increases your drive and energy. After the 22nd, there may be some relationship or family issues to examine. There may be some unfinished business with family members in the cards from the 22nd through the month of January.


Your mental outlook improves after the 4th when you finally feel like letting go of things from the past. Be alert for new money-making opportunities between the 4th and 10th of this month. They are likely to be the real deal. After the 21st, you may experience some indecision when it comes to money matters through the end of January. There is probably no rush.


After the 4th you are in your own element this month as Mercury transits your sign. You have an increased desire for freedom, independence and travel. Remain adaptable with your views and opinions. This is your month for you to shine socially. You can make new friends more easily. After the 21st, be more cautious in regard to important purchases through the end of January.


As Venus continues to transit your sign, you remain in a high cycle for attracting more love and abundance. After the 4th, it is a favorable period for expanding your mind and soul searching.

After the 7th, the focus is on your career and accomplishing goals. Unfinished business with love interests or significant others from your past are in the picture from the 21st though the end of January.


If the emotional intensity has been too much for you to handle lately, you will finally get a break after the 4th! This is the time for you to get out more socially and interact with groups. After the 7th, the focus turns toward learning new things or higher education.

A short trip with a close friend or significant other may do the trick for you. After the 21st, keep the peace with siblings.


After the 4th, you may have a harder time staying focused on your career goals. You may be plagued with more indecision. It’s OK to decide not to decide right now. After the 7th, a closer look at finances or expenses will bring some improvements. After the 21st, friends or acquaintances from your past may show up out of nowhere. This theme continues through the month of January.

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