Letter: Thank You

Letter to the Editor

To all of the families and individuals in the Malibu community that have stayed in place, practiced social distancing and stayed home, I want to thank you for your resolve. My family has stayed in place for 25 days; I know from experience that isolating is, at times, difficult. Sometimes I feel stir crazy or like I have cabin fever, but the positive impact that you have had on our community of less infections and the decreased burden on nurses, doctors and medical staff is very important. We have learned a very important lesson during this crisis—that we are one family, one community and that our actions impact others. So, thank you.

To those who have not practiced social distancing and stayed in place, all I can say is shame on you. You might not show symptoms but you might infect others and someone’s family member might die.

To all of you who have had construction workers to your job site or workers to your home, all I can say is shame on you. I have watched the workers at the job site next door, no face masks, no gloves, no social distancing. The owners of these properties are putting the workers at risk and our community at risk. Remember that little thing called “cross contamination.” When I confronted the owner about this, he told me that they were essential workers and legally they could work. At what price? I am calling on all of my city council members to engage the LA County Health Department to put an end to this lunacy and close all of these job sites. I know many have lost their homes to the fire, we did too, but it does not justify putting all of us at risk.

Richard Kraft