Trash mars park


Spring is here and Legacy Park is in full bloom. Last Sunday, after our usual visit to the Farmers’ Market across the street, my wife and I strolled through the park and it was a delight. The meadow and the flowers and shrubs were glowing with color and the pond was brimming with life. A sea bird was perched on almost every rock and we saw a pair of mallards pedaling by.

However, our walk was marred by the trash, mostly empty plastic bottles and paper, strewn along the walks and in the foliage. It was particularly evident at the east end next to Malibu Country Mart. As we walked, I picked up several handfuls and deposited them in the conveniently located trash containers. I suggest that those of us who want to keep our beautiful park beautiful do the same. You will be setting an example for those who see you do it. Apparently we cannot rely entirely on the groundskeepers to harvest the trash that inconsiderate people are leaving in their wake.

Hank Pollard