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Citizens may help in visioning Malibu’s future

While cities throughout California are reeling from budget cuts and the loss of redevelopment agencies, the Malibu Coastal Vision team is taking a proactive approach to help finding a course leading to the city’s future. The team is reaching out to Malibu residents, to develop consensus about what is next for this unique 27-mile beachfront community. To capture the local voice, the team is now fielding a short online survey that can be accessed by copying and pasting the following link into a web browser:

In this effort to envision Malibu’s future, the Malibu Coastal Vision team is seeking thoughtful insight for its 2012 update to the previous book “Malibu: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” published on a limited basis in 2008. The update will provide a collaborative community profile and framework document to help in stewarding Malibu’s assets and natural resources as well as managing inevitable change.

This is the fourth phase in an innovative community-oriented visioning process that originally began in 2005 under the name Malibu Coastal Vision. In August 2011, the City Council voted unanimously to approve and fund a comprehensive update of the community profile with the 2010 Census data and timely viewpoints from residents. Incorporated in 1991, Malibu is a one of the youngest cities in California and local input is essential for local citizens taking ownership of the city’s future.

The Malibu Coastal Vision team is fielding an online volunteer survey, to supplement the knowledge base for the updated publication. This update includes inviting all of the local community to join the dialogue by completing a 10-15 minute informal, volunteer survey that asks participants to prioritize local issues distinct to Malibu and evaluate ideas for potential improvements to address those issues.

If you would like to know more about this survey, please contact Project Director Bob Scott at or Project Assistant Mitchel Morrison at

By Richard K. Davis