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Re: Council Leaves Unpermitted Additions Hanging

This previously mentioned article contained two decisions. One decision concerned illegal additions; the other concerned making the launching of motorized watercraft illegal from six specific private properties. It is the latter decision that bothers me. Although I do not live on those properties, I am offended by the fact that the council’ s members are so pompous and arrogant that they believe that they can make better decisions than the property owners themselves can make. I cannot believe that the council has nothing better to do than fix non-problems. None of the property owners were launching motorized watercraft from their property, and even if they were, who cares? Not only is the council taking away these individuals’ ability to enjoy some forms of recreation, but it could also put a financial burden upon them. If any of these owners decide to sell their home in the future, why would a potential buyer choose to buy their home and property over a different home and property where you can launch your motorized watercraft? These owners will have to endure a lower selling price as a result of this ordinance. However, why should the council care, six households will not effect the vote, and they can claim that they are out protecting Malibu. My question is, does Malibu need to be protected from itself, or does Malibu need to be protected from the council?

Thomas R. Means

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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