PCH improvement funds


The federal Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century (T-21) is providing $650,000 to the city of Malibu to fund safety improvements along Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) have agreed to use the funds as follows:

$75,000 — Traffic Information Emergency Radio Station: The radio station will be operated by the city of Malibu. Caltrans will have direct access to its message system to add or change a message whenever needed. With Federal Communications Commission approval, Malibu will place a repeater in a canyon area so that a signal can be heard from as far away as the Ventura Freeway in Calabasas. PCH and canyon road conditions, as well as weather and other potential effects on traffic, will be announced on the radio station. The public will also be able to hear the station’s message via telephone, should they wish to call before getting in their cars.

$50,000 — Study of U-turn and left-turn movement along PCH as it passes through Malibu.

$30,000 — Paradise Cove Right-Turn Deceleration Lane: Caltrans will install this lane on eastbound PCH at the Paradise Cove signal.

$25,000 — Malibu Canyon at PCH Signal Upgrade: Upgrades will reduce the likelihood of turning movement accidents at this location.

$25,000 — Malibu Canyon/PCH Signal Video Detection: Caltrans will install a video detection system to monitor signal operations at this intersection.

$66,000 — Smart Crosswalks: Caltrans will install three Smart Crosswalks — pedestrian-activated crosswalks with overhead cautionary lights and ground-level imbedded lighting that will illuminate the walk area when a pedestrian crosses the highway. These crosswalks will be funded as demonstration projects. The three crosswalks are: in front of Colony House Liquors just east of Malibu Pier, just east of Carbon Canyon and in the Point Dume area where the trail system leaves Point Dume and goes inland.

$7,500 — Speed Advisory Board: Malibu will purchase a speed advisory board, a device used to advise motorists of their speed.

$371,500 — Remaining money is to be used to implement the left-turn and U-turn study recommendations and to fund other safety-related improvements that Caltrans and Malibu agree should be implemented in the near future.

Source: Rep. Brad Sherman