Cowtowing to developer


It was with shock and dismay that I learned of the Malibu City Council’s latest “development agreement” at Trancas Field. The City Council, to avoid a sham lawsuit, allowed the developer to build 32 condos (minimum of 3400 square feet) on eight acres when the current zoning is for just seven homes on 35 acres. The developer could never build more than seven homes because their permit expired. The Council says that they limited development to eight acres and preserved open space by clustering the condos. (But they could have clustered seven homes as well). Most of this open space is along a protected stream with steep hillsides and could never be developed.

Further, as with Measure M, the City Council did not confer with the community before reaching this agreement and, in fact, the Broadbeach Homeowners Association is currently suing the city over this disastrous decision. (Apparently this City Council prefers to avoid lawsuits with developers but chooses to battle its fellow citizens). Once again the City Council failed to stand up to large development and fight for the kind of Malibu that nearly 60% of the voters clearly wanted when they rejected Measure M.

Steve Rucker