Letter: Advice for Dume Drive

Addressed to Malibu City Council

In regards to: City Council Meeting July 13, 2020, Item 6.B. Dume Drive & Fernhill Speed Humps:

I am a 33-year resident of Dume Drive. You will not find many residents on Dume Drive more than me because I walk a lot in the area.

I have brought up speeding on Dume Drive many times. A catastrophe hopefully not waiting to happen!


* What is really needed are police giving tickets. Protect, Serve, and a great source of revenue—even an hour or two a day or week.

* Also give tickets for those who go through both stop signs on Dume Drive and Grayfox. There are many!

* Plant empty police cars.

* More radar speed solar postings. Speeders slow down from Heathercliff on Dume Drive when they see how fast they are going, then speed up to the stop sign at Grayfox. Also, consider more speed sign postings and stop signs.

* Our family are not big fans of speed humps but, unfortunately, could be necessary.

David M. Kramer

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