Letter: Missing Approval

Letter to the Editor

A lawsuit has been settled between the Santa Monica School District and the Community Alliance — a private group that sued over the lighting at the high school. The school now will begin construction at Malibu High School.

But wait: this settlement was not approved at any hearing by the City of Malibu Planning Commission.

I believe I am correct when I say that, by law, this project must now go back to the City of Malibu Planning Commission for a hearing and approvals.

If I sued my neighbor for something he was building and we agreed on changes to what he was going to build, wouldn’t that owner have to go back for approvals of his new plan?

I asked one of our commission members and he said that my thoughts are correct. 

The school is pushing to go forward without further hearings because they know the plans are not in compliance with codes after July 1, 2016, will not cut down on Morning View traffic and are closer to the street and have eliminated parking at the front of the school. Their plans call for the elimination of the practice field at the high school and the addition of two tennis courts.

Clearly, we have not had our say in determining what is best for Malibu.

Terry Lucoff