Malibu Seen: Corona Moves Movies

Tom Hanks takes to the small screen in “Greyhound.”

Ever since movie theaters were shuttered, Hollywood has found itself with a big dilemma on its hands: Either send your creation straight to streaming or postpone it for a very, very long time.

The latest to get caught up in the shifting times is local star Tom Hanks.

His new movie (which should have been a blockbuster) is screening now on Apple TV+.

Hanks, who has completely recovered from novel coronavirus, plays the lead in this wartime drama.

In “Greyhound,” he stars as Captain Ernest Krause, who’s leading a convoy of almost 40 ships across the Atlantic to Liverpool in 1942. But there is trouble on the high seas—dangerous U-boats that he hunts and is hunted by.

The story is an emotional study of Krause, who has been given a command post in middle age.

He is conscientious, thoughtful and devout.

Hanks once again delivers a stellar performance, so even if you won’t be in your cushy velvet chairs at the theater, check it out. It’s well worth the price of admission.

Other flicks, in the meantime, have just been put on hold.

“No Time to Die,” starring Daniel Craig in his last go ‘round as secret agent 007, was supposed to be released April 20. Now, it’s been pushed back to closer to Thanksgiving.

Directed by Cary Fukunaga and co-written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, it was the first major movie to delay release.

The movie had already changed its release date twice, as well as losing its original director. Producers worried that the closure of movie theaters around the globe would deliver a massive blow, especially in lucrative international markets. It’s due to open in the United Kingdom on Nov. 12 and in the U.S. Nov. 20. Needless to say, things on this set are shaken and stirred.

Same goes for “Top Gun: Maverick.” The sequel, starring Tom Cruise, is back and has been pushed back from its original June 24 release date to Christmastime. As one reporter so nicely put it: “We’ve waited over 30 years for a sequel to 1986’s ‘Top Gun,’ what’s a few more months?”

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is another longed-for sequel. Its original release date of July 10 has been moved way up to March 5, 2021.

You’ll also have to wait for “The Many Saints of Newark.” It’s a ‘60s-set prequel to the TV classic “The Sopranos.” In this version, Michael Gandolfini takes on the role of Tony Soprano, a classic part made famous by his father, James. The release date has been pushed to March 12, 2021.

So, sit back and enjoy your streaming; the movies will be back in due time.