Community Center

Pictured, from left: Jaden Mitchell, Julian Tompkins, Austen Gasser, Axel Mahl, Kane Rocca, Heath Gasser, Max Gourson, Ollie Steinmetz, Dakota Gardner, Gianpaolo Ribo, Owl Patterson, Malibu Parks and Recreation Commission Member Hamish Patterson, Costas Jensen, Trevor Oliver, Malibu City Council Member Mikke Pierson, Hudson Jarrett, Darby Dempsey, Hank Norby, Sullivan Dempsey, Molly Manion, Samantha Rodgers, Jennifer Flores, Layla Polito, Mica Mellberg, Brody Gourson, Autumn Gardner and Gage Alger   

Community members are coming together to show their support for a Malibu skatepark. City council discussed the possibility at a recent meeting; the item will come before council at a special meeting on Aug. 21.

In an email to The Malibu Times, local resident Kathryn Alice wrote, “Supporters and concerned parents are urged to attend the city council meeting and show support for the skate park.”

According to Alice, another organizer for the movement said, “It’s the perfect solution to bring our kids together in a great environment, especially after all we have been through with the fires and mudslides. The time is now!”