KBUU Newswire – Day 454 – Fri Feb 7 – Malibu May Back Down On Point Dume Gate, But Coastal May Require 22 New Parking Spaces – 8 foot high tides coming Saturday and Sunday mornings

  • = Malibu may retreat … from its plan to put up a vehicle gate at the Ponty Dume Nature Reserve.
  • = But whether this prevent the Coastal Commission from ordering construction of a 22 space parking lot up there … an open question.
  • = Memories are flooding out as news that beloved principal Phil Cott has died.
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Malibu may retreat from efforts to build a vehicle gate at the Point Dume parking lot …
But it my be too late to avoid a big fight with the California Coastal Commission.Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/coastal-fury-over-point-dume-parking-issue-may-spark-strategic-city-retreat/
Some very high high tides are coming this weekend. Times and details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/8-1-foot-high-tides-to-wash-up-sat-and-sun-mornings/
Phil Cott has died.
Mister Cott was the affable … funny and all-around-regarded-as-wonderful principal at Webster Elementary School for 23 years.
He died of cancer.
SMMUSD board member Craig Foster:
“Boy … it’s … I mean … there’s so much to say.“He was at 23 years at Webster.“He changed the lives of you know hundreds of hundreds, probably 10,000 kids over the years I got to do the math.“So many people in Malibu appreciated him so much he was like the perfect principle.“I know so many people have already said to me, they tried to go to other places and find that experience and they never have.“So he was a truly unique gift to our community, and he loved doing what he did, and boy did we love him doing it.”
Phil Cott died this week of cancer.
His family has announced any plans for memorial services.
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The farm fields just up the coast from Malibu are a major source of food.
They are also a major user of pesticides … which enter the food chain and the atmosphere just upwind from Malibu.
One of those chemicals is chlorpyrifos .. a poison that some scientists say is linked to nerve problems in children… and in farmworkers.
The EPA banned its spraying indoors to combat household bugs more than a decade ago.
Strawberries, corn and citrus is sprayed with chlorpyrifos … which the E P A had tried to ban under the Obama administration.
The Trump administration reversed that proposed ban … saying farmers need a cost effective bug spray.
Yesterday … California said it would ban it in this state.
And … the nation’s largest producer of chlorpyrifos says they will stop making it.
Corteva company says it made the decision based on financial considerations, not safety concerns.
The city of Malibu is planning to install warning sirens up and down the coast … to wake people up or alert them to approaching disasters.
Brushfires …
Tsunamis …
Things like that.
Sometimes these sirens are accidentally triggered.
Remember the false nuclear missile attack in Hawaii?
Huntington Beach has installed sirens to warn people if a tsunami wave is approaching.
And they went off this morning … at 4 a-m.
Woke everybody up.
HBPD confirms that the warning siren was a false alarm.
No tsunami today.
Traffic … in 65 seconds … first …
(((( Patchy fog this morning … )))) … highs (((( 62 )))) beaches … (((( 71 )))) mountains and canyons.
Downcoast winds … ((( … )))) miles per hour this afternoon.
Sunset tonight is at (((( 5:31 )))).
After that … ((( more fog )))) tonight … low (((( 55 )))) beaches … (((( 39 )))) mountains and canyons.
Tomorrow should be (((( much the same )))).
There’s a 40 percent chance of rain entering the forecast on Sunday.
And we could see a lot of rain… maybe even an inch.
Right now here at the KBUU studios in Trancas … it’s (((( )))) degrees.
Leo Carrillo beach … ((( ))).
Paradise Cove … ((( ))).
Big Rock … ((( ))).
In upper Malibu Canyon … ((( ))).
Calabasas … ((( ))).
And Civic Center L-A … ((( ))).
In the ocean … it’s (((( )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.
Mo says the waves at Surfrider Beach today are (((( inconsistent )))).
((((( Low tide is at 2:46 this afternoon.
High tide tonight is at 9:14PM … only 3.9 ft.
The big high tide is tomorrow morning … at 8 point 1 feet … at 8:01 a-m Saturday.))))
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