A merry Zen Christmas


    It’s the night after Christmas and all through the house

    Not a creature is stirring, the lights have been doused

    The gifts have been given, the books and the toys

    The drum set was played, it’s not such a bad noise

    The feast was prepared and eaten with relish

    Tall tales were told, then retold and embellished

    The children debated the fate of the planet

    Who’s running the country, heroes or bandits?

    Cattleman, vegan, teacher, cyclist

    Photographer, writer, trainer, scientist

    Ideas and opinions from portside and starboard,

    All sides of the spectrum, they’re pretty straightforward

    But reason prevails among sisters and brother

    Aunts, uncles, cousins respect one another

    Politics, religion discussed without fear

    Freedom of speech is a right they hold dear

    Then they got sleepy and all went to bed

    I retired to my room to clear my head

    Take stock of another holiday passed

    How lucky to have them all here at last

    If only for Christmas, if just once a year

    It’s all that I need to dispel any fear

    Though they’ve married, had children, and left the fold

    They’ve all grown up while I’ve just grown old

    Three generations again ‘neath the roof

    I ponder the meaning of life without proof

    That the truths and beliefs to which they all cling

    Might be founded on fact and make their hearts sing

    But nothing is perfect, nor should it be

    A tree’s not a symbol, a tree’s just a tree

    Good or evil, I’m long passed obsessing

    The balance of Zen is my Christmas blessing.