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About LifeSaver Team CPR

Life Saver Team has been providing CPR and first aid training since 2009. Our knowledgeable instructors make understanding and remembering the skills to make a difference during an emergency easier through

video presentations, hands-on instructor-led practice sessions in small groups and interactive discussions. All classes meet or exceed the standard called for by the American Heart Association.

Why Us?

There are two reasons to find a CPR training class; to get a CPR certification or to actually learn CPR

To actually learn CPR, you’ll have to find a proper CPR training program that takes pride in passing on this life-saving skill.

CPR is the most important skill most of us will ever learn. It’s not a good idea to skip on your CPR training, even if you only think you need a card for your job. If your boss or the public you serve thinks it’s important for you to know CPR, you should get the best CPR training you can.

Experienced trainers.Comprehensive and practice-filled Classes.We follow guidelines of the American Heart Association.Short, easy, 2 year certification.Classes are for all individuals.Training with the best equipment in the field.

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