Letter: Paranoia and Hate

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “Warning signs” published April 23

I am writing this as a grieving widow and a worried and heartsick mother. I was shocked and nauseated when I read Richard Kraft’s letter regarding Anawalt Lumber and my son, Billy Gamboa. The level of vitriol and lies stunned and devastated my entire family.  

To set the record straight: my son, Billy Gamboa, tested himself for COVID-19 immediately after his father fell ill. He tested negative. He does not have the virus. He has not worked at Anawalt Lumber since March 27 and he stopped riding public buses a week before that. The publication of this mean spirited letter that was riddled with falsehoods has devastated my family, which was already traumatized by the death of my husband, John Bell. Now we must live in fear that my son, Billy, may face hostility and even violence when he goes out in public. People look to this paper for facts and truth and a way to come together as a community. How tragic that instead of that they have been served a heaping portion of paranoia and hateful invective.

Sandy Bell