Obituary: Jesse Odin Johannessen

Jesse Odin Johannessen

Jesse Odin Johannessen, son of John Johannessen of Malibu and Diane Bronkowski of Arkansas, is survived by his sister Shanelle Santisteban, and brothers Nathan Johannessen and Paul Wayne Griffith, as well as their families. 

“Jesse loved motorcycling, hiking, eating healthy and was happily engaged to Jennifer Althouse at the time of his unfortunate death,” a loved one wrote to The Malibu Times.

Jesse worked in Malibu over the years with his father John in the construction industry. “He was our MacGyver” John said. “He could fix anything and make it work better than it was ever originally made.”  

“We all will miss him terribly,” Jesse’s stepmom Barbara Bruderlin, CEO of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, said. “The thought of his twinkling smile warms my heart and makes me smile through the tears.”

More than 200 guests attended Jesse’s funeral and shared stories of the happiness he brought to their lives.  

“Derek Perkins, a longtime family mentor, said a beautiful prayer and his aunt Julie sang the song ‘Amazing Grace,’” a loved one said of the ceremony. “Sadness and tears were suddenly overcome by a glimmering bright light as the darkened overcast sky suddenly cleared.

“With reflections of light shimmering off the deep blue ocean, under a beautiful clearing sky, we were embraced by Jesse’s beautiful spirit that he, so often, gave to everyone every day of his life.”   

“What a legacy and a legend,” his friends said during the ceremony. “He was a one-of-a-kind guy and will be missed more than words. The song has ended, but the melody lingers on. The Crew will never be the same.”  

Jesse’s ashes were later spread along the Valido Trail in Laguna Beach in front of 40 close friends and family members.