Endangered Species Day: Protect our Planet


May 15 is the 10th annual Endangered Species Day. Did you know that an endangered species is one at risk of being lost forever because of extinction?

So you might ask why then is Japan and Iceland unremittingly hunting endangered North Pacific Fin whales, the second largest whales on the globe? It makes no bloody sense except that it exemplifies a repugnant sense of entitlement, an insatiable greed for power and lust for money.

Four years ago, I began covering the War Against Nature — it’s brutal.

Did you know that each year, looting Earth’s forests, animals, waterways, wetlands, coral reefs and oceans account for $400 billion in commerce. This ecocide rampage is run by organized crime, and in part– it’s fueled by Big Oil subsidies in excess of $1.9 trillion annually.

At least 1.1 billion people — or 15 percent of the human race — depend upon killing our living planet for their daily livelihood. This also includes enslaving millions of children.

There are fewer than 3,000 tigers left on Earth. Elephants are being senselessly slaughtered for their ivory tusks. Poaching rhinos for their half million-dollar horn has increased over the last 8 years by 5,000 percent.

The plight of the sharks that have withstood 400 million years of rigorous evolution is heartbreaking. Since 2000, one hundred million sharks each year have been annihilated for their fins to feed a gluttonous demand for shark fin soup.

Carnivorous sharks keep populations of prey fit by culling the old, weak and sick. Sharks prevent diseases from becoming epidemics. Nine out of ten sharks are missing today in our oceans.

Russia is home to one fifth of the world’s forests. Infuriatingly, they are cutting them all down. By 2030 they will be all gone. The Amazon is loosing an area of forests two-thirds the size of Connecticut. And, the rate of deforestation in Indonesia has overtaken Brazil.

Since 1970, Earth has lost 50 percent of its wildlife to loathsome poachers, including supplying sentient and highly social dolphins to inhumane dolphinariums, and the barbaric, bloodthirsty slaughter of dolphins and whales by deranged and sociopathic Japanese and Faroe Island ocean-killers.

In America, we have laws to protect endangered species- and they work. We know that the strength of all ecosystems depends upon its biodiversity, and that all life forms are interconnected and work in concert.

It’s up to each of us to lend a helping hand and end this ludicrous global ecocide- because if nature dies, we die!

Please support TheBlueProject.xyz, because they are helping to protect our planet.

Earth Dr. Reese Halter is the host of EarthcastSOS.com.