More take than give


Last week the residents of Point Dume received a long awaited gift from the City of Malibu. The City Council approved a life-saving rerouting of Zumirez Drive and a stoplight at the corner of Zumirez and PCH. The Point Dume Community Association and Malibu Riviera One asked the City Council to landscape the resulting corner that will become a major entrance to Point Dume and were turned down. Apparently there is an inside deal between the city and the adjacent property owner to transfer city title to the land in order to erect an office building for Prudential Realty which just happens to be Mayor Pro Tem Stern’s employer. (He recused himself).

I really cannot believe that the city would turn land over to a commercial developer on Point Dume at the same time it is asking citizens to donate funds to retire commercial land in central Malibu. Politics makes strange bedfellows. I hope we can stop this travesty.

John Mazza