Letter: A Noose’s Meaning

Letter to the Editor

We are concerned about the recent acts of terror at Malibu High School. We are concerned that this matter, the use of a noose with regard to a Black student, was insufficiently addressed. 

This is a teachable moment. What drives actions such as these? Deliberate ignorance, prejudice, meanness? A noose is a symbol with an implicit message. It is a threat. Using it is an act of terrorism.

We suggest a school-wide assembly discussing the meaning of such symbols and their history in this country. Social studies or history classes must continue to address this. These children are part of and reflect the Malibu community. This community, not just the parent(s) or the school, but the whole community, is also responsible. We must all show sensitivity to other people and cultures. Abuses such as these will not abate without attention.

Rick and Ann Buxie