Malibu local completes film

John Asher directs Ray Abruzzo during filming of the one-take romantic comedy “Somebody Marry Me.” 

Local writer and director John Asher has completed the film “Somebody Marry Me,” a feature-length romantic comedy shot in one take without any cuts. Asher spent 18 days writing the 98-minute film, and the crew rehearsed for three weeks before shooting the one-take movie. 

The film features longtime local Ray Abruzzo of “The Sopranos” and Oscar-nominated actor Michael Lerner, as well as Annie Burgstede, Jeff Doucette and Leslie Murphy. 

“I wanted to push the boundaries of filmmaking and by the time I called ‘action’ on this film, I knew something magical was about to happen,” Asher said. 

Asher has also directed movies such as “Kounterfeit” and television shows like “One Tree Hill.”