Reader’s Poem


RE: 2009

In 2009 the banks were failin`

We dealt with the swine flu and Sarah Palin

You sold your house for only a tuppence

Bernie Madoff got his comeuppance

Aliens were out; Vampires were in

Pirates weren’t charming like Errol Flynn

Instead of a gathering, intellectual and arty

We were having a `Burn your junk bond party`

The country cried

When Farah, Michael Jackson and Kennedy died

We were told our credit was about to end

The government told us to go out and spend

We watched the boy floating in a balloon

He was later found hiding out in his room

We discovered water on the moon

Trump will build a resort there soon

Obama pushed his health care plan

Rioters protested on the streets of Iran

For those who invested in Dubai

Turns out they were castles in the sky

Wonders of wonders, to be seen

It seems that China is turning green

Gold went up and the dollar went down

Tiger Woods became a clown

You need some surgery and medical care

Take a trip to Malaysia, it’s cheaper there

-Geraldine Forer Spagnoli