Malibu High honors exceptional seniors

From left, Sean Casto, Nathan Schoenbrun, Caitlin Sherry, and Emma Cooper were rewarded for the leadership they displayed at Malibu High School. Photo by Seth Rubinroit/TMT

Dozens of outstanding students and their proud parents crowded the Malibu High auditorium earlier this month for the high school’s annual College Counseling Department Senior Scholarships and Award Night

“We probably do not do it enough, but it is a nice way to come together at the end of the students’ high school careers and say, ‘Thank you very much for the hard work you have done,'” said principal Mark Kelly. “We are so fortunate to have the donors we have who are willing to support the students financially, even in small ways, but in ways that are significant and add to their opportunities as they leave us.”

The night opened with the Senior Department Awards. Teachers from each subject presented high-achieving students with awards. Three exceptional students were rewarded with the Bank of America plaque, which encompassed several subjects. Haley Fletcher was presented with the Fine Arts plaque, Gabriel Sloggy earned the Liberal Arts plaque and Samuel Kaplan received the Science and Math plaque.

Next, deserving seniors were presented with college scholarships. Thirty-nine scholarships totaling $60,000 were handed-out.

“It is difficult because there are so many deserving candidates,” said Kelly of choosing who earns the scholarships. “It is a good problem to have. We look at the slate of students, and they all have really unique personalities, unique characteristics, and things that they have excelled at.”

Kate Abbott was one of the most recognized students. Abbott, who will attend Stanford University next year, received the Principal’s Leadership Award, the English and Journalism Department Awards, the Malibu Surfside News Journalism Scholarship, and the Reta and Reeves Templeman Scholarship for outstanding writing.

“Kate is an amazing student,” Kelly said. “She is one who just does it. She is really easy to talk to and work with, but she is also very aggressive in a very constructive, positive way. She really knows how to methodically move forward and get things done.”

Margaret Lawson earned The Malibu Times Outstanding Citizen Award for her concern for the needs of her community. She also received the Physical Education Department Award, a Community Service Medallion, the Kiwanis Club of Malibu Shark Scholarship for scholar-athletes, and the Rob LeMond Aquatic Sports Scholarship.

Nathan Schoenbrun received the Exceptional Leadership Award, a Community Service Medallion and a Silver Lion Productions Leadership Scholarship. Raquel Ravaglioli earned the Exceptional School Service Award “for serving Malibu High School without seeking self-recognition,” a Community Service Award, the Music Department Award and the Kiwanis Club of Malibu Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship.

Smyth Campbell was honored with the Theater and Math Department Awards, the Malibu High PTSA Scholarship and the Sean Michael Mathews Memorial Scholarship.

Kelly said he would remember the Class of 2008 for having “good quality work across the board. I think they are a group of people who care and are really excited about the opportunities they have as they leave Malibu High School.”