Getting our needs met


    Malibu is growing up and coming to grips with the facts of life as these are made known in the needs of young mothers, growing children, teen-agers and senior citizens (to name a few). Communities change and grow just as people do. Preferences and needs change, and that is being seen now in an unmet demand for shopping, entertainment and recreation here in Malibu. Not that we need to become the next Santa Monica, but, frankly, there are more and more of us who are just plain sick and tired of driving to Santa Monica or over the hill to get supplies, find a field, a meeting place or do a host of other things one tires of not having in our community.

    So whether we get the land from Malibu Bay Company, from Pepperdine or from who knows where else, let’s by all means start thinking seriously about providing for Malibu’s basic community needs right here in Malibu. We are a city. Cities have senior centers, community halls, parks and ball fields. We must get on with the duty of providing them and the funds to operate them.

    I would like to encourage each and every member of the City Council to look at this issue closely. I would also urge them to deal in good faith with land owners, and vice versa. The need is great and so seems the opportunity. Let’s not blow it.

    Valerie Fish