View from Bush country


Greetings from Austin, Texas. Fortunately, I still get The Malibu Times and after reading your thoughtful and fair commentary on “Fahrenheit 9/11,” I thought I’d offer another perspective. You mentioned that Bush is an average guy who longs to be on his ranch. You’re right. After moving my family here from L.A. earlier this year, I never want to leave Austin. The folks here are wonderful. I know all the people on my street-20 houses in each direction (that’s a long way in Texas). If I’m walking my dog down the road, guys will stop mowing their lawn and introduce themselves and even invite me in for a beer. People wave when you drive by and everyone calls you “sir.” I bought 50 percent more house for 60 percent less. This is Bush country. Frankly, I think he was insane to leave to go to D.C.

Bush isn’t stupid. He just comes from a different country -Texas. If he’s uncomfortable, it is because he’s dealing with people who don’t share his values or view of the world. Perhaps that’s naive, but maybe that is his strength. He sees the world as it should be. Frankly, I don’t miss paying contractors the “Malibu mark-up,” having someone riding my tail on Kanan, or worrying about the Coastal Commission approving my next toilet flush. Life shouldn’t be that crazy. I like Bush country, and now I understand the man a little better.

Steve Elmore