Letter: Gift Idea

Letter to the Editor

A friendly reminder to all of us lucky enough to live in Malibu — take a look at all of the workers who depend on the bus to get here. Most of you know someone who travels one to two hours to get here, but did you know how hard it is to get tokens in Malibu? A bus ride is now $1.75 each way and five days worth of tokens is $17.50.

The closest place to buy a package of tokens is Ralphs in the Palisades or in Santa Monica. They only sell them as a package; so single tokens can only be purchased on the bus.

I remember when we first got bus service here, I had no idea the price of tokens was so high or that they were so difficult to get.

So if you are looking for a gift to someone who rides the bus, perhaps a package of tokens might be welcome.

Harriet Pollon