Smoothing the way


The elections for City Council positions on April 8 are soon approaching. Your readers will soon be able to enjoy the small town politics of persuasion and brief sound bites. We just can’t wait.

I am in the process of qualifying to run for a city council position. I am not the most polished on the paperwork aspect of this endeavor. However, in fumbling through a two-inch thick notebook of rules and regulations, I found something wonderful and rewarding. I found that our city clerk and her assistant were so efficient and thoroughly polite that it is worth telling the 4,000 or so registered voters. I did not mention their names because it might violate something somewhere but I thank them.

Malibuites, you can obtain a voter registration form at the City Hall. No postage necessary. Get registered. It takes no money and three minutes. You can even fill out the form in line at your favorite coffee shop.

Jefferson Wagner