First Person: You’ve got male


SWPF ISO SWPM for love and romance in Malibu.

OK, let’s face it, I have not been a successful Malibu dater and here it is, that day of days when everyone’s got someone but me. Yes, the Civic Center is filled with lovey-dovey, hand-holding couples, their adorable children and new babies buckled into their black Suburbans. There’s them — and then there’s me. This is not to say I have not had local dates — the nice-looking right-wing extremist (made death threats to Al Gore) — the gregarious music industry exec (forgot he was married) — the lawyer who quit law for the psychic friends network (left me with the check) and of course, the rich, wonderful, gorgeous brain surgeon who said I was the one, but ran off with his Guatemalan house boy (surprise!)

Yes, aside from Pepperdine and the odd, aging angler, Malibu is mostly a married town. Sometimes it seems like I’m more likely to get a skyscraper approved by the city council than meet someone who is unattached. But Malibu singles don’t despair, there are a few local organizations that might just get you a date by Valentine’s day.

Malibu Matches is a relatively new outfit run by Sylvia Green. Green has been matchmaking for years, she’s introduced hundreds of people and even arranged a few marriages. The problem is that Malibu is what she calls “G. U.” — geographically unavailable. “People who are in Los Angeles don’t always want to come down here,” she notes. “But why would you want to limit yourself to only meeting people in Malibu?” As Green sees it, locals in search of love and glory must be more open minded. “Why restrict yourself?” she argues. When she asked me what kind of guy I was looking for and my preferred age range, I tried the open minded approach — “18 to 80,” I said. “How about 85,” she countered. “I’ve got a guy. . . .”

My next stop was Pretty People 2000. This 6-year-old video introduction service is run by the perpetually perky Jett Darett Black. This 30-year Malibu resident started her business with just a handful of friends and friends of friends. Today, she has 1500 clients on tape and many a match has been made. Black is equally familiar with the G.U. phenomena. “Any gal in Malibu probably knows that it’s the last place in the world to be single,” she observes. “You’re really isolated, and people have to come to you.” Coming out of a long-term relationship, Black had her own reasons for starting the business. “I had to solve the problem of being single in Malibu or moving, I chose to solve the problem.” A short time later, Pretty People was born.

Since this is a story that cries out for reporter involvement, I donned my most approachable outfit and set off for Black’s beachfront studio. “Hi, I’m Kim. I’m single and I live in Malibu. What about you?” With my introduction dutifully recorded, I left with a videocassette called “Men Vol. 4” and made the trek home for my private viewing. Fully expecting a parade of ex-cons with bad teeth, I was pleasantly surprised. There were a good number of attractive, successful potential pals with — be still my beating heart — evidence of a personality. I even saw a guy I went to high school with. (Busted. Let’s do lunch.)

I also met quite a few interesting prospects through my personal ad in the Jewish Journal:

“Former White House intern seeks swpm (that’s single white professional male) for fun, companionship, pizza.”

OK, so I’m not a former White House intern, but when it comes to the personals, it helps to stand out in the crowd. A more eclectic group of candidates came my way via the Internet at There, I hooked up with a terrific guy who’s just what I’m looking for — attractive, successful, charming, polite, lives in……Pasadena. Humm, Pasadena. That’s far.

Well maybe not. I suppose Green was right, you just can’t be so picky.

Meantime, it’s another Saturday night at Guido’s. Elaine Robin and I are at the bar. Will we get lucky? I really rather doubt it. We’re wondering where the boys are, but don’t do much about it.

Pretty People 2000 can be reached at 457-4377. Malibu Matches can be reached at 205-8424.