Strong finish

Malibu players on the DMS11 soccer team: Cameron Smoller, Jake Nokes, JoeMack Leonardo, Cameron Burnett and Toren Norris

The DMS11 soccer reached the State Cup Final. In the semi-final last Saturday against Coachella Valley Chivas, after trailing at halftime for the fifth time in the tournament that began in January, the team waited until the 63rd minute of the 70-minute game to score their first goal, closing the deficit to 2-1. In the final minute of play, JoeMack Leonardo received an overhead pass and scored a goal to tie the game 2-2.  Two 10-minute overtime periods followed.  The first period went scoreless but DMS scored early in double overtime and hung on to win the game.

That win put DMS in the championship game on Sunday, where the team was defeated by South Bay Force 2-0.

DMS11 will be promoted up a league from Silver to Silver Elite next season.